Massage Blogs

Remedial Massage Blog

A Remedial Massage is where the qualified therapist assesses and treats the muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissues of the body to rehabilitate, and to manage any pain and injuries the client may be experiencing.  Read More 

Deep Tissue Massage Blog

We will explain what a Deep Tissue Massage is. What it does. What the benefits are, and we will point out the instances when a Deep Tissue Massage would NOT be advisable. 

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Sports Massage Blog

In this blog we’ll be  making sense of Sports Massage. Giving you the ins and outs of  the types of people who usually recieve this type of massage, benefits, techniques, stretches etc

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Aroma Touch Blog

Aroma Touch is a nice smooth firm and gentle touch which when combined with essential oils gives a heavenly state of relaxation. The nervous system is put into over drive during this treatment and those nerves along each side of the spine are finally able to relax.  Read More 

Hot & Cold Stone Blog

The rocks we use for Hot Rock are Kakudu rocks: this rock repels negativtiy and assists in strengthening the bones, muscles and soft tissue.

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Foot Reflexology Blog

Experts predict that Reflexology treatments have been around since approximately 2500 years BC where the Egyptian people were found using the techniques on their hands and feet. 

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